Derma Plex

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Internal Nutritional Support for Healthy Skin!

Healthy skin begins with proper internal nourishment. Majestic Power’s Nutra Dermal Formula supplies the essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal nutrient factors specifically involved in maintaining healthy skin. This special, oil free formula is in a natural herb base.


Vitamin A 1666 iu
Biotin 100 mcg.
Choline 20 mg.
Vitamin B-1 20 mg.
Vitamin B-2 10 mg.
Vitamin C 100 mg.
Vitamin D 133 iu
Vitamin E 10 iu
Selenium 10 mcg.
Unsaturated Fatty Acids 200 mg.
Zinc 20 mg.
  • No Sugar, Salt, Starch, Preservatives, or Artificial Coloring Added

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