About Us

Our Story

Majestic Power was started in 1992 with the simple idea of providing the highest quality Health and Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins at affordable prices.

Majestic Power is dedicated to the manufacture of health food products, dietary supplements, vitamins, and other health related products. Majestic Power distributes its products in the United States of America, and exports its products to various countries around the world.

Although we have concentrated most of our efforts in exportation to the Middle East, we are looking to expand and to sell our popular products on the US Market via Internet.

Majestic Power started by selling Royal Jelly and Bee Products and has since expanded to Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements to enhance well being.

Our Vision

At Majestic Power, we believe that health matters.

That’s why we have been, still are and always will be committed to the highest quality standards in our products. We are entirely committed to this mission.

Our Mission

Clean, Pure & Natural

Health food & Supplement shoppers deserve to find products that are clean, pure, natural and totally void of toxins and artificial additives.

They deserve assurance that brands are transparent, and that product claims are genuine and can be easily supported.