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Mega-Mineral Formula

in All Products, Mineral Deficiency

Natural, Chelated tablets Contain 10 Essential Minerals Including Selenium and Chromium. Each mineral has specific functions including proper utilization of vitamins and enzymes. They are also required for healthy bones, teeth, muscle, blood, and nerve cells. Mega-Mineral Formula is the most complete daily mineral supplement available. This one formula provides 10 essential minerals in chelated […]

Natra Doze

in All Products, Sleep Aids

Natural Sleep Aid Natural Vitamin, Mineral, and Herb Formula in Easy-To-Take Capsule Ingredients Inositol (B Complex Factor) 25 mg. Pantothenic Acid (B-Complex Factor) 5 mg. Chamomile Flower (Herb) 37.5 mg. Passion Flower (Herb) 100 mg. Valerian Root (Herb) 100 mg. Calcium 100 mg. Magnesium 50 mg. In a natural nutritious base. No Sugar, Salt, Starch, […]

Power Vit

in All Products, Children

Children’s Chewable MultivitaminDelicious Taste, Super Nutritious Formula Supplies 17 natural vitamins and minerals specifically recommended for children.Terrific tasting tablet that children love. Ingredients Vitamin A 2,000 iu Vitamin D 200 iu Vitamin B1 1.5 mg. Vitamin B2 2 1.5 mg. Vitamin B6 1.5 mg. Niacinamide .855 mg. Vitamin C 30 mg. Vitamin B12 5 mcg. […]


in All Products, Asthma

Ultra Herbal The effective formulation supplies 9 beneficial herbs to provide temporary relief of respiratory allergies. The natural action of these specific herbs helps to open bronchial tubes and thus ease breathing Ingredients Fenugreek seed Eucalyptus leaf Brigham Tea Herb Marshmallow root Burdock root Parsley Herb Cayenne Echinacea root Golden Seal root

Ginkgo Biloba

in All Products, Cardiac, Circulation, Memory, Stress

Ginkgo research suggests that this widely praised herb improves brain functioning by increasing cerebral and peripheral blood flow, circulation, and oxygenation. Good for depression, headaches, memory loss, and tinnitis. Ingredients Ginkgo Bilboa Extract 60 mg.

Royal Jelly Capsules

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Royal Jelly Capsules are filled with Royal Jelly Powder. This process only removes the water from Royal Jelly and the difference in nutritional content between the powder and Fresh Royal Jelly is minimal. Majestic Royal Jelly offers Royal Jelly capsules in different concentrations including Royal Jelly with Propolis plus Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly plus Ginseng, and Majestic Extra […]