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Super Omega

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Super Omega contains 50% of Super Omega 3: 300 mg. EPA and 200 mg. DHA. EPA & DHA are essential fatty acids not manufactured by the body, but like vitamins and minerals, are necessary for proper body functioning. Essential Fatty Acids are necessary for formation and proper balance of prostaglandins which regulate every system and […]

Antioxidant Plus

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Full Spectrum Antioxidant Nutrients in One Easy-To-Take Tablet Anti-oxidants allow cells to perform more efficiently on less oxygen, thus freeing more oxygen for the cells and organs that really need it. Anti-oxidants are natures chief defense against the loss of oxygen which forms toxic compounds inside the body. They also protect other vitamins and body […]

Vitamin C with Rose Hips

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Vitamin C is nature’s protective nutrient, essential for healing and proper immune function. However, the human body is unable to manufacture its own Vitamin C so it should be replenished in a steady , fresh supply every day. Vitamin C with Rose Hips in an ideal natural Vitamin C supplement in easy-to-take tablets. Ingredients: Vitamin […]

Derma Plex

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Internal Nutritional Support for Healthy Skin! Healthy skin begins with proper internal nourishment. Majestic Power’s Nutra Dermal Formula supplies the essential vitamins, minerals, and herbal nutrient factors specifically involved in maintaining healthy skin. This special, oil free formula is in a natural herb base. Ingredients: Vitamin A 1666 iu Biotin 100 mcg. Choline 20 mg. […]