Majestic Extra Vit

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Natural source of B-Complex vitamins and antioxidants for energy and health. Ingredients Royal Jelly 500 mg. Beta Carotene 5000 mg. Bee Propolis Powder 50 mg. Vitamin C with Rose Hips 250 mg. Wheat Germ Powder 100 mg. Bee Pollen Powder 150 mg.

Antioxidant Plus

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Full Spectrum Antioxidant Nutrients in One Easy-To-Take Tablet Anti-oxidants allow cells to perform more efficiently on less oxygen, thus freeing more oxygen for the cells and organs that really need it. Anti-oxidants are natures chief defense against the loss of oxygen which forms toxic compounds inside the body. They also protect other vitamins and body […]

Vitamin C with Rose Hips

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Vitamin C is nature’s protective nutrient, essential for healing and proper immune function. However, the human body is unable to manufacture its own Vitamin C so it should be replenished in a steady , fresh supply every day. Vitamin C with Rose Hips in an ideal natural Vitamin C supplement in easy-to-take tablets. Ingredients: Vitamin […]