1. What types of products do you supply?

    Natural products and dietary supplements to help improve body functionality and well being.

  2. Where do your materials come from?

    Most of our materials are produced in the U.S.A.

  3. Does anyone govern your production and manufacturing?

    All of our products are produced under FDA guidelines.

  4. Do you provide samples of any of your products?

    Yes, we provide samples to qualified buyers.

  5. How can I become an agent of Majestic Power?

    Our Company has a minimum purchase requirement to become an authorized Majestic Power Agent. Certain minimum sales requirements must be met depending on country and types of products being bought.

  6. Are there any known side effects to your products?

    Most natural products inherently are free of side effects, however, we do wish to inform the user that any product can have a side effect.

  7. Can your products be taken with prescription products?

     In most cases yes, however, you should always consult your physician and pharmacist.

  8. Will you be selling your products in smaller quantities in the future.?

    Yes, we are already selling smaller quantities to local dealers throughout the U.S. and will be on the Internet as well.

  9. Do you need any additional agents in the U.S.?

    Yes, we are always looking for energetic people to sell our quality products in volume.

  10. What kind of business opportunities are available with Majestic Power?

    We need business minded persons willing to improve their standard of living by selling a product that almost sells itself due to it's healing capabilities.

  11. Does Majestic Power export their products.

    Yes we have a good reputation worldwide.

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